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Heal My Eyes Optometry

Optometry practice specializing in Neuro Rehabilitative and Developmental Optometry, and vision therapy. Dr. Wynn N. Tran enjoys working with patients directly to evaluate and treat vision disorders co-managed by various professionals, therapists, and doctors for: • Vision improvement and enhancement • Brain injury and head trauma • Learning disorders in children • Binocular vision & visual efficiency • Perceptual disorders • Amblyopia (lazy eye) & Strabismus (eye turn) • Low Vision related to ocular pathology (ie: macular degeneration) Treatment specifically designed for each patient may include optical correction such as glasses, prism, tints, low vision devices, microcurrent, PEMF therapy, phototherapy and/or vision rehabilitation & therapy

45 San Clemente Dr Suite B130
Corte Madera, CA 94925
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Phone: 415-927-1211
Fax: 415-927-1811

Categories: Neuro, Rehabilitation, Vision Therapy, Optometry, Eyes, Learning disorder, Brain injury