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Essentials for Health

As a Certified Nutrition Consultant, I work with clients locally, nationally, and globally who have GI issues, infertility, diabetes, elevated cholesterol, learning disabilities, allergies, asthma, weight issues and various autoimmune diseases. I will help you heal by eliminating foods that may be causing inflammation due to sensitivities. I find the best food for the individual for optimum body performance. A healthy food is not healthy if it's not healthy for you. I've had nutrition and digestive problems and learned a great deal from my own healing process, spending many hours researching diet programs. I'm here to serve my clients, guide them not just in nutrition, but also to introduce them to other health care professionals who may assist in their care. I will support my clients through the tough times and cheer them on to the next success. I offer a safe, nurturing, confidential place to talk about issues and determine how to help each client.

21 Tamal Vista Blvd. Ste#175
Corte Madera, Ca 94925
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Phone: 415-388-8101

Categories: health, diet, nutrition, consultant, allergies, asthma