Corte Madera Chamber of Commerce


July/August 2016 Carpool Contest


Win a $25 Amazon Gift Card!

This July and August, 511 is awarding carpoolers with $25 Amazon gift cards. Track your carpool trips in your 511 Trip Diary and you will be entered to win!

Participating is easy. Just log at least five (5) carpool commute trips a month—that’s right—five—to win.  You can do it!

To participate:

  1. Log in to your 511 RideMatch account. If you aren’t currently registered, follow the new user registration process.
  2. Track your carpool commute trips your Trip Diary. Click here for assistance.

Like the thrills of carpooling, there is no expiration date for the gift card!

$5 Peet’s Card for 5 Green Trips!

If you carpool, vanpool, walk, ride a bike or take transit to work, you can win too!

Track 5 green commute trips in your 511 Trip Diary this July to be automatically ente­­­­red to win $5 to Peet's Coffee & Tea.